Fast Track

Brand Endorsement

The 80s and 90s generations like to show their individualities, pursue uniqueness, dare to make innovation and challenge themselves. As an individual fashion and leisure brand, we actively advocate the concept of vitality and health, and devote ourselves to bringing the newest brand experience to young people from 15 to 35 years old. The top three super boys in 2010, Li Wei, Liu Xin and Wu Yi and popular super girls, Ai Mengmeng and Yang Lei sing in praise of dreams, perform confidently with vitality, and set a good example for the new young generation. Their vigorous, confident, healthy, fashionable and brave images not only comply with the brand features of Xidelang, but also highly match with the audiences of Xidelang.


Brand Audience

Sports and fashion equally matter

Fashionable mix and match to create a colorful life

We pursue an innovative, relaxed and interesting lifestyle

We have sensitive fashion sense and personality characteristics

And dare to create self-value confidently